So, where do our ingredients actually come from?!

Since we started the business in 2011, we have built relationships with a lovely group of like-minded suppliers. Here are a few of them:

Peelham Organic Farm, Berwick Upon Tweed

Denise and Chris have been with us from the beginning, providing words of wisdom from the get-go, and supplying us with the most delicious rare-breed pork, lamb and award-winning charcuterie. We even catered for their son’s wedding this year – quite the endorsement!

The Buffalo Farm, nr Kirkcaldy, Fife

We’d be daft not be using Fife’s most reputable suppliers of Aberdeen Angus Beef! It’s consistently one of the most popular options on our menu and, cooked long and slow in our army ovens, a great crowd pleaser at weddings.

Woodlea Stables, Crossgates, Fife

We are so lucky to work with John and Fiona. They bake the most delicious bread using all natural ingredients and their own sourdough starter. We pick up fresh loaves and baguettes en-route to every event, so when it says ‘fresh bread’ on your menu, we’re not talking ‘warmed in the oven’!

Pittormie Fruit Farm, Dairsie, Fife

Hands down, Euan grows the most delicious heritage varieties of berries and spuds in Scotland. And that’s coming from Rob who, having been reared on a farm in Northern Ireland, knows his potatoes!

Bellfield Organics Nursery, Abernethy, Fife

Every week, the lovely John and his three dogs arrives in our village with the week’s produce for our events. The seasons can be unpredictable and we don’t always know what we’re going to be working with the next month, but that is part of the joy (and challenge!) of designing your menu. Having said that, if the growing season really is experiencing dire conditions, we hop over the Border to work with farms in England who typically enjoy kinder climes!

Cress Company, Dunfermline, Fife

A member of the Guild of Fine Food and also of FARMA, the Cress Company is our main supplier artisan products from the UK’s makers and manufacturers a bit further afield. So, that could be anything from the award-winning halloumi from Yorkshire Dama Cheese which features on our menu most weeks, to the unique range of venison products from Great Glen Charcuterie in the Highlands.

HS Murray Fishmonger, Inverkeithing, Fife

A bit of an institution, this long-run family fishmongers is headed up by the infinitely knowledgable Dougie. If we need to know anything fishy, he’s our man.

Grahams, The Family Dairy

We’ve all heard of the fifth-generation dairy farmers. We buy their organic butter and milk from them directly to make sure they’re getting the price they need for their herds.

Wild Rover Suppliers